This is a hash verse. This hash verse is the smallest hash verse. This verse is in decimal dimensions. Like here is the math in the verse:

Layout: Universe math = 789123W* math

w * l = sin(w)/cos(l) * l^2 + e - tan(w)/sin(l)

2pi * r = pi^2 * pi^2 + r pi*2 - 1

1 + x= (1x * 2^2 + x)/x

1 + 1 =  1 * 8^2 + x

Here are some functions that exist in the 789123W* that don't exist in this Universe:




What does sinf() mean? It means the function of sin, so it is like f(sin()).

What does res() mean? It means the Restina value. You can learn about Restina values here.

What does lenf() mean? It means this: x^2 - 1/sin(x) - x^x

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