These are the hardest to get. You need to be very smart to do this or stay on this wiki for a long time. You have more options to edit after you have them:

Option 1: View in real HTML

You still have your "Source" and "Visual" tabs, but now you have a new tab called "Source [HTML]". This will help you add stuff like inputs, buttons and images from the web without having to go on your computer/mobile to find your images on your computer/mobile.

Option 2: Get Symbols

You can even get symbols if you have them. There is a tab named "Symbols" on the top and you click it, it will give you all the symbols you might find in Microsoft Office Word.

You also have the option to:

Change you badge settings

Yes, you can change your badge settings after you earn 10 or more of these. You can change it so that silver badges earn 75 points etc... The code for that is: <object name="badgesilver"> <param name="points" value="75" /> </object>

Pages in category "Top wiki badges"

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