The CADS are a alliance of hyper powerful being that help watch over all dimensions...and verse's.

Members Edit

The members include the following:

BeyondAllOmniprentice: The most powerful apprentice of all time, so powferul he his an apprentice to no one. He is the being that tries to keep everything in line the most.

3rd_Cereal: The mighty typewriter that can build an entire megaverse in five minutes, he however serves the even mightier Josh.

Josh: Josh is (obviously) the best. As he says himself, he is the omega omnisphere, he was adopted by Sonic the Hedgehog and became the sole guardian of the entire omniverse, and has an army of copyrighted and original creations alike.

Verseledzeplin: He himself helped carried the scattered universe's into a single verse, the omniverse. He still corrects any mistakes within anything in the omniverse and beyond.

MathisMario: The man with a plan. The dude with the attitude. Also he tries to keep order and goody goodness between everything. He is truly Josh.

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