The cosmology tier page is where users of the wiki rank objects in their cosmologies from smallest to largest.

Holomanga's Twin Cosmology Edit

Unthinkable Reality

  • The Box - Top level container containing everything

Paradox Space

  • [...]
  • The Barrel and Altarcae
  • [...]
  • Outside
  • Beyond
  • [...]
  • Polyverse - Contains multiple complimentary infinite collections of godverses that add to zero
  • Godverse versorts - Tiers of collections of godverses
  • Godverse - Infinite collections of omniverses with similar epistemic defePhysical
  • Omniverse versorts - Tiers of collections of omniverses
  • Omniverse - Top of the hierarchy, contains all of reality


  • [...]
  • Infinite hierarchy of Archverses, each a collection of around 1010 of the previous tier
  • [...]
  • Gigaverse - Multiple megaverses (~ℵ3)
  • Megaverse - Multiple multiverses (~ℵ2)
  • Multiverse - Multiple universes (~ℵ1)
  • Universe cohorts - Small collections of universes
  • Universe - Single timelike connected region of space



  • Virtual particle
  • [...]
  • Quantum - The smallest units, able to be arranged to create any self-consistent structure


  • [...]
  • Paradox quantum - Units smaller than quanta, so small that is is possible to arrange them in paradoxical ways


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