An Example of a GR Verse with many matter spilling out into the interuniversal void. Pictured in the center is the largest still existing galaxy, VVVG-7-2K-1

GRVerse or Gamma Ray Verse is an extremely dangerous universe where life is almost impossible to exist, The GRVerse is where all rays are instantly turned into Gamma Rays buy some unknown force. This makes life render impossible to exist, Black holes that emit Gamma Rays have their Rays powered up to a Thousand-Fold to a Billion-Fold. The Gamma Rays here are unbelievably so strong that it has the power to exit out of the universe by breaking the law of physics such as exceeding and going beyond the speed of light. the GRVerse cannot expand anymore till a "More Stable" enviroment settles down, The GRVerse is 200 Billion LY and its Gamma Rays have also affected other universes such as our own.

List of GRVersesEdit

GRV-27-J0 - A Universe at the age of 2.76 My old, Gamma Ray Bursts here are like photons.

GRV-9GV - A Stable GRVerse where Gamma Rays are not a common place but are still powerful.

GRV-762-A - A Large GRverse far larger than ours at 209 Billion years old. Blasted a Gamma ray that has the power of a big bang and destroyed a universe and created a new GRV in the process.

GRV-762-B - The offspring of GRV-762-A. Young at a 1.89 My old. Also technical offspring of the destroyed universe. Gamma Rays here are far weaker than what a typical GRVerse has.

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