Guardians are beings created to protect Infinity and judge those who do something that is forbidden according to the Infinit laws of infinity.

there are more than infiplex (10 to the power of infinity).

How Edit

They use time, dimension, verse, ... Travel to find anything or anyone that brakes the laws.

species Edit

Guardians is actually a genus. There are 3 categories of 'species'.

type 1: cyborgs (usually called robots) Edit

this are far out the most they are (surprise!!) robots the first and second foto show robots this ones are type azdjw12840 and type nbgsn09371 (this is the red one if you want to know what the others are then sorry i can not help you yet)

type 2: 'aliens' Edit

This type are intelligent alien species that have joined the guardians. Fact: in the far future (190.278.645.300.000.000 aC) the entire human race wil become a part of the guardians. This is foto 4 it's an itanimulli.

type 3: time lords Edit

this are powerfull entities that need to keep order they are almost always created by the creator. foto 3 is sdrawkcab others are Apeirohomo, THISDUDE and Lord Josh B.