The Multiverse empire is an empire made out of millions of universes. Our Universe is one of those.

Exploration Edit

How this was discovered was a person named Mwilcos Waxelthon Germesik Kikilms explored many universes in our multiverse. So, he wanted to create an empire. On January 19, 3000, he named his empire "The Empire of the Multiverse". More people discovered more universes, and so expanded the size of this empire. 100 years later, the empire was renamed to the Multiverse Empire.

Life Edit

Yes, there is live on the Multiverse Empire. However, only 100 planets are fully colonized on, and 500 partially colonized on. Despite this, 2 billion people built oceans on 100 thousand of the planets. So by 3500, we can expect 1000 more planets to be colonized on. They are more higher standards than earth does. The average without taking using immortal pills is 192,461 years old. And they have sent over a thousand teleport machines. So go to the Multiverse Empire whenever you can.

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