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A pentachoron is a 4-dimensional simplex. It is also called the pyrochoron under the elemental naming scheme. Its Bowers acronym is "pen".

Properties Edit


The pentachoron is the pyramid on the tetrahedron, with 4 tetrahedra on each vertex.

Hypervolumes Edit

  • vertex count = 5
  • edge length = 10l
  • surface area = \frac { 5\sqrt { 3 }  }{ 2 } { l }^{ 2 }
  • surcell volume = \frac { \sqrt { 2 }  }{ 3 } { l }^{ 3 }
  • surteron bulk = \frac { \sqrt { 5 }  }{ 96 } { l }^{ 4 }

Subfacets Edit

See also Edit

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