The Box is.

Generally speaking, the Box is an extremely big (im)possible, (un)imaginable, (non)theoretical, or use(ful/less) set. If you can think of something, it's inside the Box. If you can't think of something, it's inside the Box. Anything that is even declared without thought, subconsciously, is in the Box. The Box is in the Box. Logic, and all permutations of logic, are inside the Box as well, which simultaneously allows it to contain itself as well as deny characters or -verses any sort of excuse by saying "it doesn't conform to the Box's rules". They aren't the Box's rules, they just happen to be in the Box too. The Box also follows this logic and contains itself an infinite amount of times.

It is impossible to define anything outside the Box, because by mentioning a fact about something, you have placed it in the Box.

The box has the Le Jorino Area inside of it. So, it is not really a verse, because it contains the Le Jorino Area. This is a contradiction, so the box should not be classified as a verse

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