The Structure Of Everything is a name used to describe the scale in which something contains something lower than itself, for example, a Multiverse to a Universe.

The name used to describe how every existing thing is arranged in a cosmology. For example:

Nothing can contain the structure of everything since everything is in it. Some may claim something contains the structure of everything, they are wrong, as that specific item is just very high up on the structure.

The Cycle Of Everything is still in this structure.

The structure of everything isn't a physical containing verse, meaning The Lastvoid does not contain it, but The Lastvoid is still at the top of this structure.


The Universe


The Multiverse

Megaverse by piritipany

The Megaverse


The Archverse


The Metaverse

.xenoverse v2

The Xenoverse

.hyperverse v3

The Hyperverse

.infinityverse v1

The Omniverse

Le Jorino Area

The Outside

The box

The Box


The Endless Box

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