What is a Trumpverse? A Trumpverse is a Universe that has different physics and mathematics. This how our Universe would have been described if Donald Trump was Albert Einstein. In a Trumpverse, it is possible to change the number of dimensions in the Trumpverse, and the physics. These will be grouped into different sets of Trumpverses:

Tell me in the comments: Was ????? born a physicist? Wait, no one is born a physicist.

Sets of Trumpverses Edit

  • Trumpverses that are zero dimensional
  • Trumpverses that are |x| dimensional (positive number)
  • Trumpverses that are -|x| dimensional (negative number)
  • Trumpverses that have no physics
  • Trumpverses that have no mathematics
  • Trumpverses that can prove 1 does not equal to 1
  • Trumpverses that can prove sqrt(-1) is equal to 1. They are just used in different contexts
  • Trumpverses that have decreasing entropy
  • Trumpverses that have things that violate their own physics
  • Trumpverses that exist for a negative number of seconds
  • Trumpverses that are not Trumpverses