aka Super God Genus borakan Psi the 5th.

  • I live in Everywhere and Knowhere.
  • My occupation is My occupation is king of the Omniverse
  • Primussupremus

    We define a universe to be the observable universe as the size of the whole universe could be infinite although that wouldn't be very fun scientifically. The diameter of the universe is approximately 93 billion light years meaning it would take light 93 billion years to travel around it once! 93 billion light years is equal to 5.46712159706e+23 miles. Now lets say that the observable universe is contained by an even larger universe 5.46712159706e+23 times larger than itself. This 2nd second universe would be 2.988941855704 × 10^47m in diameter,but lets say that this universe was contained by an even larger universe 5.46712159706e+23 times larger than itself. This 3rd universe containing the 2nd second would be roughly equal to 1.6340908571…

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  • Primussupremus

    Here is a list of Polygons also known as n-gons or regular gons.

    a 0 gon is called a point.

    a 1 gon is called a line segment.

    a 2 gon is called a bi-gon

    a 3 gon is called a triangle.

    a 4 gon is called a square or a rectangle.

    a 5 gon is called a pentagon

    a 6 gon is called a hexagon

    a 7 gon is called a heptagon

    an 8 gon is called an octagon

    a 9 gon is called a nonagon

    a 10 gon is called a decagon

    an 11 gon is called an undecagon

    a 12 gon is called a dodecagon

    a 13 gon is called a tridecagon

    a 14 gon is called a tetradecagon

    a 15 gon is called a pentadecagon

    a 16 gon is called a hexadecagon

    a 17 gon is called a Heptadecagon

    an 18 gon is called an octadecagon

    a 19 gon is an enneadecagon

    a 20 gon is called an icosagon.

    The list of polygons continues on forever with…

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