The Xenoverse contains multiple Metaverse's which forms cyberspace type Universe or Multi-Universes which a Single Xenoverse is a cyperspace version of a Multiverse and a collection of Xenoverses are Multiple Multiverses. Some of you might think that Super Mario was picked up from the Xenoverse, and transported to the Universe. It is also where the internet goes after data is being lost. It's size can be up to 10 to the power of 1000 to the power of 1001 light-years.

In Short...Edit

The Xenoverse is a 4 dimensional virtual-reality space that is the set of infinite metaverses.When data is lost on The Internet or The Metaverse,it ends up in The Xenoverse.


  • Xenoverse is also a term which means "Alien" or "Foreign" [1] which can be dubbed "Alien Universe" and or "Foreign Universe" as these is when cyberspace holds untold data/locations.
  • Xenoverse just like Hyperverse are terms derived from Metaverse which all 3 have to do with cyberspace. See Balloons and all of those is in the xenoverse.



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